About Us

At Louisiana Online Driver Improvement, we believe in the quality care of customers along with making roadways safer. Our online Louisiana driving school is not created just to dismiss traffic violations, but to also have motorists become more aware of road hazards, their surroundings, and make them the best defensive drivers they can be.

Since 1996, we have provided our customers with a stress-free way to participate in driver safety and paved the way to safe driving. Through modernized technology, we have created a defensive driving course Louisiana approves and set the standard for a high-quality Louisiana traffic school in the state.

With our dedication to you and all drivers on the road, we have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. We also have graduated over four (4) million students, gained thousands of likes and followers via Facebook and Twitter, and gained a great rapport, becoming one of the leading providers for a Louisiana driving school.

Because we were the first company to provide any form of online traffic school in the United States of America, many have come to and trusted our company to dismiss their Louisiana traffic tickets. With our well-trained staff members available 24/7 and professional course instructors, our Louisiana traffic school program provides an easy way for you to dismiss your Louisiana traffic ticket.

Our passion for creating a simple Louisiana driving school started with drivers on the road and our want to create a safer atmosphere. This same enthusiasm continues for the sole reason of keeping all motorists and their families safe.

With our easy to read chapters that are fully enhanced with multimedia, 24/7 live customer support, and immediate certificate processing, we provide a defensive driving course Louisiana approves that you won't ever regret taking.

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