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With everyone on different schedules and leading their own lives, trying to sit down and do an entire Louisiana driving school can be difficult, especially when you have to drive to a classroom and abide by their schedule! With our Louisiana traffic school, you will no longer have to follow the agenda of someone else or waste gas to reach your classroom destination. When you participate in our Louisiana defensive driving program, your home is the classroom! Because our course is done completely online from registration to graduation, you are able to fit the program into your calendar when you have the time from anywhere Internet access is available.

Do 20 minutes today and a half hour tomorrow—you can log off and on our Louisiana defensive driving online class as many times as you need or want without worrying about losing course progression. You also don’t have to trouble yourself with thoughts about being able to access your Louisiana driving school between any certain hours. Our program is designed for you to log in anytime of the day or night. If you need assistance while you are taking our online Louisiana traffic school, you are able to contact us 24/7 via online chat or phone—you will always be able to speak to a live person!

Additionally, when you attend a classroom course or other Louisiana defensive driving program, you may be required to spend the full six (6) hours taking the class. At Louisiana Online Driver Improvement, you can complete the class not only when you want, but as fast as you can! If you can read six (6) hours of material in one hour’s time, you will still receive the full credit for the Louisiana driving school program.

Don’t waste your time with automated systems, robots, or classrooms. Sign up today for our online Louisiana driving school and you will never have to be concerned about following the schedule of someone else or wonder if you will reach a real person!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can I finish this course?

    The great thing about this course is that you work at your own pace. No one is sitting over your shoulder making you slow down or speed up. Everyone reads at different speeds and this program will allow you to proceed at your own pace with no time maximum for the program. The average completion time varies on your reading ability, but should never take more than an actual sit down class.

  • How long does it take to get the certificate?

    There are different ways of receiving the completion certificate. Because of security reasons, it is impossible for you to print your own certificate, so the original certificate must be sent directly from our office to you. When you enroll, you may choose for regular mail or expedited service.

  • Does the course cost anything?

    Unfortunately, there is a cost to attend Louisiana Online Driver Improvement. The price will cover all elements of the course including immediate access to the site and the completion certificate. Regular in-class driver improvement courses charge similar fees. Driver improvement courses are a privately operated industry and whether you sit in a class or choose this online program, you will need to pay for it.

  • Is the court fee the same as the driver improvement fees?

    Unfortunately, all fees paid to the court are separate from fees paid for actual driver improvement. Although many courts call the $29 or $30 paid in addition to the bail amount a 'driver improvement' fee, it is actually only an administrative fee. Louisiana Online Driver Improvement is privately owned and operated and does charge a do all driver improvement schools.

  • How can I pay for the course?

    You can pay for the course two different ways, either by credit card or by check/ money order. After you fill out the registration form, you can be linked to a completely secure credit card page where you pay quickly and effortlessly. The site is encrypted to make your on-line purchase safe. The other way to pay for the course is to mail a check or money order to the address listed below. Make sure to send the check before you complete the course or your certificate will not be mailed.

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